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Thread: Wireless (oddly) stopped working

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    Wireless (oddly) stopped working


    i've been having the problem that I outlined in pretty significant depth in this thread:

    What it basically seems to be boiling down to is that I accidentally toggled a button on my laptop (gazp5) to turn off the wireless. This is based on the fact that when I type in:
    sudo cat /var/log/messages | grep switch
    the response I get is a whole bunch of

    May 22 14:18:36 ubuntu kernel: [   41.305433] iwl3945: Radio disabled by HW RF Kill switch
    May 22 14:18:38 ubuntu kernel: [   43.110673] iwl3945: Radio disabled by HW RF Kill switch
    Going back to when the wireless went out sometime yesterday evening. There are a couple other random things in the log, but none seem particularly interesting.

    Anyway, when I press Fn+F2 to turn the wireless back on, nothing happens, so I'm not sure if this is the problem. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Wireless (oddly) stopped working

    The switch is on the leading edge of your gazv5, on the left hand side. Toggle it to the right.
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    Re: Wireless (oddly) stopped working

    Haha, I'm a little embarrassed for never having noticed that before.

    Ok, I did that, but after playing around with a couple other things i got it to work as it should. Thank you for helping me. I've been consistently amazed with the support over at system76.


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