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    Re: General MoBlock thread

    Hi jre just for FMI (as opposed to FYI): do you happen to know which block list in moblock blocks Multicast addresses? Those kind of SSDP/DAAP/etc stuff that are instigaged by daemons like avahi (in my case usually triggered by media player programs that are roaming to find new local devices for supposedly "sharing" media files and stuff).

    What should happen to that stuff? Should I allow or forbid media players from roaming or should I let moblocker bounce their requests (and thereby keep getting IPs like and appear on Moblocqer log every three or so minutes (I have the moblock supplied "bluetack/iana-multicast" disabled but they still appear on the "last blocks" log display because obviously there must be blocklists other than "iana-multicast" that are blocking Multicast IP addresses).
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