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Thanks a lot for the gui, I can finally stop using tail now
hehe, you're welcome. But you can now also do a quick whitelisting (permanent or temporarily) by just right-clicking on the blocked IP or port (without "restart" as it was necessary in mobloquer). - so this really is an improvement over "tail".

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Previous version of PGL automatically whitelisted ports 80 & 443 but upgrading didn't keep that setting. No big deal but someone might wonder why web pages don't work anymore
Thanks, you are absolutely right!
The just mentioned easy whitelisting is also the reason why there is no default port whitelisting any more. Having ports 80 and 443 whitelisted is a certain security risk, because a malicious host may listen on just these ports. I can't tell you though, whether this is paranoid. So either whitelist them again, or add (quite many) IPs to the whitelist, it is up to you.