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Thread: Boot Failure

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    Boot Failure

    On booting into 8.04 I now get.

    Check root=bootarg cat /proc/cmdline
    or missing modules, devices: cat /proc/modules
    ls /dev

    Alert! /dev/disk/by-uuid/ca ... does not exist. Dropping to a shell

    I altered /etc/fstab by taking out the UUID reference and left it as just a device, but it seems that /etc/fstab is ignored as the same error message occurred.

    Any clues as to how I might get rid of this error message, ie, what do I edit to get it to boot without reference to UUID, or is this fatal? How do I get at bootarg or /proc/cmdline



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    Re: Boot Failure

    This is now resolved.

    The problem lay in a menu.lst still holding disk references by uuid, replaced that and reran grub-install. All ok <sigh>

    Sorry for the bother


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