Hey Crane
Just wanted to let you know I finally got my resolution back to normal on Gutsy. Now I'm going to try to install Hardy again after a failed attempt.During the install it stopped and gave a write error message, of which I don't recall what it was. I did a slower burn on the original download but I guess there was still some error. I have been one frustrated man the last few days but I have learned a good bit. Probably just enough to be dangerous!!! One thing I would like to know when I try to reinstll my video card should I put the card in first and install Hardy or install Hardy first and then the card?
I have read enough forum threads in the last 5 days to do me awhile. My wife probably thinks I'm crazy!!
I guess some how a file called nvidia glx dev got either replaced or deleted when I first put the new card in. Once I reinstalled it my resolution came back to normal.
Thanks, and I do appreciate all the help
I don't mean to be a bother, Retiree