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Thread: What microphone setting is the right one?

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    What microphone setting is the right one?


    So far on hardy I've been unable to get my microphone to work. I don't get any error messages, and it worked before on Gutsy, and still works on windows.

    The problem, I believe, is my settings are wrong. I've just got the microphone plugged into the back of my computer, into the onboard sound card.

    I've tried all sorts of settings but when I record, I just get a pop (which suggests it is working sort of) but it records silence.

    In my experience, this HDA intel rubbish is virtually impossible to configure anyway. But I always got it to work in the end - usually by just moving a slider slightly. That I never understood, it's like it wouldn't even think about working unless I moved something, then it would start... then next time it was the same again. Even when it was right, I needed to change it.

    If anybody could detail their exact working settings, that would be helpful, thanks

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    Re: What microphone setting is the right one?

    I'm stuck with the same problem, my sound works but I can't get my mic working. I've tried everything I can find on the forums but still can't get it working. Hopefully someone will come along and point us both in the right direction.



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