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Thread: Can I watch video over VNC?

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    Re: Can I watch video over VNC?

    SSH is now fully working on my server and PC, and I managed to figure out how to use graphical programs so I can view mplayer etc from my server on my PC.

    The only thing I can't do now is view video on my palm from my server. I guess SSH for palm does not have that functionality, and I will have to look for an alternative method to remote monitor my CCTV.

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    Re: Can I watch video over VNC?

    Twizzle, can you tell me how you got this to work? I am trying to do the same thing to view video. Thanks....

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    Lightbulb Re: Can I watch video over VNC?

    @Twizzle > The problem with SSH on PalmOS (any build prior to Palm WebOS) is that the SSH clients for that platform do not have a way to hand the remote GUI apps off to an X-Windows Server.

    There's not a perfect answer to this, but there are some workable solutions.

    On Ubuntu, I use XDMCP + vnc4server, setup in a way so that the XDMCP service is pushing thru VNC to give each connection an isolated desktop session with their own login screen. Now, I use this primarily with Tunnelier (portable SSH tunneling app; win32) combined with UltraVNC viewer. I'm able to store the pair on a flash drive for use in Windows, or Linux via WINE. on my iPhone, I use iTeleport (formerly known as Jaadu VNC) combined with PPTP-VPN. The effect is the same, either way. A remote desktop is delivered to the VNC client with it's own GDM session, separate from the local console session. There are tons of HowTo's for setting this up that can be found via a Google search, so I won't repeat them here. Just search "XDMCP + VNC" and your distro-name (example: "XDMCP + VNC Ubuntu").

    If memory serves, I used 'PalmVNC' for my last PalmOS system (a Sony Clié UX-50), but I was using that long before I found out about XDMCP+VNC.

    Now, as far as video thruput... The Windows solution I use (Tunnelier + UltraVNC) works pretty well. Over my Gbit LAN, it's nearly flawless (the flaws that *do* exist, are due to RFB being a weak protocol for streamed video), and it's watchable over a remote connection from my work, but I have to reduce the colors to 256 for the framerate to keep up. Otherwise, I'll get about 3 frames-per-sec at best, losing any non-shown frames (they simply don't display) from VLC or Media Player Classic HC.

    On my iPhone, unfortunately, I haven't yet figured out how I need to tune it's settings to get remote video to display properly. It may be simply a matter of changing the video players themselves to use something other than the default overlay plane, such as Direct-X rendering or OpenGL rendering in the case of Linux.

    Anyways, I hope this is helpful, or atleast informative. Best of luck m8.

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