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Thread: This thread should not have been closed

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    This thread should not have been closed

    The thread in question:

    With all due respect to KiwiNZ, I don't think this thread should have been closed. His explanation for why he closed it was that it was "supporting bigotry and racism." However, that's not what the thread was about... it was about the merits of Affirmative Action. It wasn't until someone didn't agree with him that AA was good that he decided it was racist. Also, he closed a thread right after someone disagreed with something he said (Violating CoC Sec3 #11 and #12). I don't think it was right for him to close a thread because he disagreed with the other side of the debate, especially in a thread that he participated. If other staff members agree it should remain closed, then I won't fight it. I just though it was a little unfair. And again, no disrespect to KiwiNZ.
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    Re: This thread should not have been closed

    OK , I have calmed down now .

    For the record , I detest racism in any form . Justifying racisim is wrong on all counts.

    That said I will remove some posts and reopen the thread.

    My apologies to aimran. This was in no directed at you .
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