Hello all.

I've recently made the switch over to ubuntu and for the most part everything's working fine! The one exception right now is my external harddrive.

I'm using an I/O Magic 300GB USB harddrive and it's a bit finicky, even on a Windows machine. The issue is that it likes to unmount itself randomly, with no warning and no real explanation.

ubuntu detects and mounts it automatically on boot and when I plug it in fresh, but once it starts doing it's little game of hopscotch it starts confusing the system. It'll unmount then mount at a different location, or just not mount back up at all and I'll have to go fiddle around and do it manually.

Is there any way I can get it to consistantly mount back to the same place each time it disconnects itself? Windows handles it about as well as I could expect (it drops then a second or two later comes back online, same as it was and things go back to the way they were). It's mainly an issue because I use it for all of my data, media included. So it's made listening to music while in ubuntu a real chore.

Thanks in advance for any help!