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Thread: Flashsound VS. Rhythmbox Sound

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    Re: Flashsound VS. Rhythmbox Sound

    fireworm make sure you're editing that in sudo as administrator

    i had the same problem and i don't know where the thread is nor the full solution (though there is a thread on it in ubuntuforums).. it definitely is something to do with pulse audio. i had to install the pulse audio engine and device chooser and run that panel applet on each startup.. and make sure all the devices under system-pref-sounds were set to pulseaudio.

    hope thats of at least a little help.

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    Re: Flashsound VS. Rhythmbox Sound

    Its this link
    And everything you need should be available in synaptic, if some needed software is listed as not found via apt-get then make sure all the ubuntu repos are enable (multiverse, universe and restricted)

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