I'm moving to Linux, i share the idea of ubuntu.

But, im having a hard time to get it to work properly.

First my specs:

Powerbook G4, 12 in, 60GB HD, 512 DDR1 RAM, Airport Extreme Wifi.
running Ubuntu 6.06 LTS - Dapper Drake

Well, first of all my pains:

the touch pad is working very slow, i researched on the forums, and there is a possible fix to this problem but most involve configuring the xorg.conf file, which i dont know where or how to find it, then i have to install an application named gsynaptics... but then i cant because i need to add a line to the previous mentioned file.

Also, I tried to adjust the brightness of the LCD, but it is not possible, although the settings say it changes there is no visible change.

Then the Wireless connection is not working, and im guessing because this is an apple computer and uses a airport extreme card.

Please help me, i really want to use Ubuntu, and forget all the problems with mac os (although its an awesome os, i have some kernel panic issues due to a failure on the logic board, but with Ubuntu all these disappeared),