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Thread: virsh attach-disk

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    virsh attach-disk


    I'm stuck with this problem here:

    I'm not expecting that anybody here as a fix for this particular issue, but I'm wondering if anybody has come up with an effective workaround?

    I'm thinking that with a bit of creativity (such as copying all of the Windows CD-ROM to my disk image) that I could find a way to install Windows XP? Is there a way to mount a KVM disk image so that I can copy data to this image?

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    Re: virsh attach-disk

    Same problem here. The workaround I came up with was this command:

    sudo kvm -hda [name_of_image_file] -cdrom [name_of_iso_file] -m 512

    It doesn't seem to be as fast as virsh, though, but at least it gets one through the installation. Suppose it's just a matter of time before the bug gets fixed.


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