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Thread: LAME destroys id3v2 tags

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    LAME destroys id3v2 tags

    I wrote a python script to convert part of my entire music library from 256 kbps to 128 kbps, using lame. I didn't realize until it was done that this error was showing up on every lame operation:

    ID3v2 found. Be aware that the ID3 tag is currently lost when transcoding.
    LAME 3.97 32bits (
    I wouldn't be opposed to re-downsampling all of them, it only took 1.5 days (and I'm not in a hurry), but I'm not really sure if I should use a different program, or if there's a good option for lame. I looked at the man pages and found some id3 tag options, but none of them seem to read the original id3v2 tags it'll only write id3v2 tags if requested. I still get the same error.

    Any recommendations?

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    Re: LAME destroys id3v2 tags

    There's built-in batch mp3 processing in audacity. File -> Apply Chain and select a folder. It will keep the tags, which makes it quite nifty. However, test first, because I've been having a problem with it making my tracks so they appear twice as long as they actually are in all my media players. I don't know if it's just a problem with me (I screw with things all the time), but it's always a good idea to test something out before running it on all your files.
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