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Thread: Video transition in Kino

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    Video transition in Kino

    I'm trying to edit some video. I have two clips and I want one to fade into the other. Kino's options for video transitions are somewhat confusing, though, so I'm having trouble getting the program to do what I want it to do.

    I want Clip A to fade into Clip B. The duration of the fade should be one or two seconds. How do I achieve this?

    Using fades in Cinelerra is much more intuitive, but unfortunately, the program either crashes or cannot render audio very well.

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    Re: Video transition in Kino

    The solution I use is to do the basic editing with transitions in cinelerra then render as a dv file and use kino to render the dv files as mpeg

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    Re: Video transition in Kino

    Use Limit checkbox on the left to limit it to 1 or two seconds.


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