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Thread: What kind of computer do you use?- Super Thread

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    Re: What kind of computer do you use?- Super Thread

    Desktop (main squeeze when at home):Lenovo H430, a middle-of-the-road tower with Intel i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz, 8 GB RAM. Runs Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04.

    Travel netbook: Asus 1015e Intel Celeron 2-core, 2 GB RAM, with Ubuntu 12.04. This is the touchiest machine in the stable.

    Laptop: Toshiba satellite L305-S5875, Intel Pentium 2-core with 3 GB RAM. Right now it runs Zorin, Sabayon, and Manjaro. It's being used as a test machine.

    2 old Mac iBooks, one running Tiger and one running Lubuntu.

    Despite all these silly machines and OS, I'm still so much a newbie I have to look up every damned terminal command before I can do anything.

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    Re: What kind of computer do you use?- Super Thread

    Nothing fancy here. My laptop is a Compaq C700 Presario (Dual Pentium T2330 running at 1.6Ghz, 500GB hard drive and 2GB ram) with 12.04LTS. This laptop will run 13.10 but it's a bit sluggish. Runs Linux Mint 16.0 a bit better.


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    Re: What kind of computer do you use?- Super Thread


    Almost 10 years later, this thread is still going.

    A bit has changed on my end since I originally posted.

    CPU: Intel Core i7-3930K (Sandy Bridge Hexacore + Hyperthreading, overclocked to 4.7Ghz)
    Motherboard: Asus P9X79 WS
    RAM: 32GB Corsair Dominator GT DDR3-2000 (running at DDR3-1866)
    Video Card: GeForce GTX TITAN
    Monitors: P-L-P configuration (1600x1200 20.1" Dell 2007FP IPS in Portrait) - (2560x1600 30" Dell U3011 IPS in Landscape) - (1600x1200 20.1" Dell 2007FP IPS in Portrait)
    Drive: OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD
    Sound: Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD
    OS: Linux Mint 16 Petra, x64 Cinnamon edition.(At least it's Ubuntu based, right?) (Windows 7 Pro x64 installed in VMWare Player as Guest, as well as dual booted to in a bare metal install.)

    Click for bigger:

    Virtualized Server
    CPU: AMD FX-8120
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA990FXA-UD3
    RAM: 32GB DDR3-1866
    Boot Drive: 32GB OCZ SSD
    Storage Drives: (for NAS) 8x 3TB WD Red in RAIDZ2 (ZFS Raid6 equivalent)
    Ethernet Controllers: 2x dual port Intel PRO/1000 PT, 1x Single Port Broadcom NetXtreme, 1 onboard port
    Storage Controller: IBM M-1015 SAS RAID controller flashed to JBOD IT firmware.
    OS: VMWare ESXi 5.1
    Guest OS1: pfSense 2.1 (for routing & firewall, one of the dual port Ethernet controllers direct I/O forwarded to it)
    Guest OS2: FreeNAS 9.2 (for NAS, one of the dual port Ethernet controllers and storage controller direct IO forwarded)
    Guest OS3: Ubuntu Server Edition 12.04 LTS (Broadcom Ethernet direct forwarded.)

    CPU (&GPU): AMD A10-7850K
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI
    RAM: 8GB DDR3-1600
    Screen: 60" Panasonic Plasma
    Drive 128GB OCZ Agility2 SSD
    OS: Windows 8.1 Pro (Would have preferred Linux, but native Silverlight was a must, unfortunately)

    Dell Latitude E6430
    CPU:Core i5-3320m
    RAM: 8GB DDR3
    Graphics: Nvidia NVS 5200m + On Board Intel (Nvidia Optimus)
    OS: Windows 7 Pro x64 (would have preferred Linux, but its a work machine, so I can't touch the OS)
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    Desktop: Intel Core i7-3930K@4.8Ghz, Asus P9X79 WS, 64GB DDR3-1866, 400GB Intel 750 SSD, Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD, Nvidia Titan X (Pascal)
    Laptop: HP 9470m, Core i5-3427u, 8GB
    Proxmox (NAS, Mythbuntu, etc.): Dual Xeon L5640, 192GB RAM, 48TB

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    Re: What kind of computer do you use?- Super Thread

    I just purchased a new laptop to use as my main computer. It is an Acer E1-572

    Intel Core i5-4200U CPU
    Intel HD 4400 Graphics
    6 GB Memory
    1TB Hard Drive
    Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as the only operating system

    I actually purchased this laptop to specifically use as a Linux (Ubuntu) only system. I also own a MacBook unibody and an Asus laptop 2nd Generation core i5.

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    Re: What kind of computer do you use?- Super Thread

    HP 650 Notebook, 2nd generation Intel Core i3-2328M 2.2GHz, 4GD DDR3, 500GB HDD, DVDRW, 15.6" display, with Ubtunu 13.10.
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    Re: What kind of computer do you use?- Super Thread

    Late 2012 Mac Mini
    2.5 ghz Core i5
    4GB RAM
    500 GB HDD (5400 RPM)
    Intel HD 4000

    I run OS X (obviously...) and Windows 7 on this machine, mostly for media consumption, but also for gaming. HD 4000 is capable, though not impressive. As long as I get decent resolution and frame rate, I'm happy.

    HP 14 Chromebook
    1.4 ghz Intel Celeron (Haswell)
    4GB RAM
    16 GB SSD
    Intel HD Graphics

    Chrome OS and chrooting into Precise at the moment. I'd review its gaming capabilities but I can't even install Left 4 Dead LOL! I might try modding the SSD as other users have had luck replacing it. Everything runs fast through the chroot, though Rhythmbox is a bit sluggish. I keep all my media on a 64 GB SDXC card which works pretty good.

    I also have an older Samsung 3 Chromebook that runs Chrome Dev and Debian Sid but it's not my daily driver, more for playing around with. Lately I've been considering powerwashing it and using it as my travel computer again as the HP 14 is a little bulky (good computer but I wouldn't want to carry it around to much)
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    Re: What kind of computer do you use?- Super Thread

    athlon xp 1600
    256 ddr ram
    samsung cd rw, lg dvd-rom
    via motherboard with onboard sound
    nvidia geforce2
    pctv rave tv card
    60gb matrox hd


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    Re: What kind of computer do you use?- Super Thread

    Well, this is a question that I am currently in flux regarding...

    I have 4 machines usually used
    1. IBM Thinkpad T40

      This is a pre-Lenovo (thus < 2004) laptop that just kept on working! Unfortunately it has been adopted (hijacked) by my daughter for homework (Google Apps for Education) and games (KPatience) so I don't get to use it much. Also the screen is blacking out so it needs to stay connected to the the external monitor, removing its portability benefit.
      • openSUSE 13.1 KDE
      • Windows 7 (on a hard drive I swap in-and-out)
        • Wubi 10.04 (for running custom web app for the church's annual Auction and as a network bridge)
      • Pentium M at 1.8 GHz (I think)
      • 2 GB of RAM
      • 14" 4:3 screen with maximum resolution of 1024x768
        Because the chip does not include PAE, Ubuntu won't run without a number of work-arounds which is one reason why I threw openSUSE on it. The Windows 7 hard disk is primarily used for watching shows on Hulu and other Flash-intensive sites.

    2. Google Cr-48 Chromebook

      This was a great, protable device that I would take with me to meetings and class for note taking. Light & portable, quiet and long battery life with a quick cold-boot or resume, it was like a tablet with a keyboard and very convenient. It also handled everybody's account easily so anybody in the family could use it without worry. Unfortunately the screen is cracked when it got stepped on.
      • Chrome OS
      • Single-core Atom chip
      • 2 GB or RAM
      • 16GB Hard Drive (really doesn't need it)
      • 12.1" widescreen dispaly
      • had "free" 3G on it, but I haven't used it since the 2yrs free expired

    3. Dell Optiplex 768

      This is my primary family desktop computer. Whenever the kids have to use a computer for homework, email or entertainment (with one caveat, listed below) this is the machine they use and, dare I say, "prefer!".
      • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (stick with LTS to LTS for stability) -- 64bit
      • Dual-core Pentium
      • 6 GB or RAM (8 GB maximum)
      • 125 GB Hard Drive
      • 20" Widescreen Sceptre monitor
      • HP 952 Inkjet printer I purchased in 2000 (and still works)!

      I am thinking of getting a larger (1TB?) hard drive in April and installing 14.04 on it before moving all of the files over to it. This way if I have issues with it I can swap back to the older hard drive for the mean-time for everybody to use.

    4. Dell Optiplex GX 280

      This has one, and only one purpose at this point; World of Tanks. Even with that, it doesn't do all that good of a job at it. I tried installing WoT via PlayOnLinux but the script talks about stopping the update before it finishes and I have never gotten it installed so it will run on the Ubuntu Optiplex (above)
      • Windows 7 -- 32bit
      • Pentium 4 @ 3 GHz
      • 2 GB of RAM (4 GB max)
      • 80 GB Hard drive (hey, it's what I had available)

    Of course there are other machines in the house (more Dell Optiplexes, a Raspberry Pi and some other machines) but they aren't "used" enough for me to count.

    So now I am in the process of deciding (and budgeting) a new computer system (or tablet or smartphone) to take me forward. The benefit is that whatever system I get (non-2nd hand) it should work with Ubuntu without issue. I even get tempted to jump for a System76 system, though I could get a cheaper touch or non-touch laptop with Windows and just install Ubuntu on top of that!

    I'm also looking for any toss-away laptop systems that I will have no qualms about installing Ubuntu Linux on top of it.
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    Re: What kind of computer do you use?- Super Thread

    I seem to have more computer sprawl than most people.
    This will be limited to systems actually running RIGHT NOW.

    * Acer C720 Netbook - Ubuntu 13.10 - Celeron 2955U - new travel netbook. It is amazing!
    * Asus Eee Netbook - Ubuntu 12.04 Server + LXDE - Atom N280 - travel, slow
    * Dell 15" Laptop - Ubuntu 12.04 Server + LXDE - Core i5 - Development/Video Editing
    * Whitebox - Ubuntu 10.04 Server - Core i5-750 - KVM VM Server
    * Whitebox - Ubuntu 12.04 Server - Core2Duo E8400 - KVM VM Server
    * Dell Workstation - Ubuntu 12.04 Server - Core2Xtreme x96xx - KVM VM Server
    * Whitebox - AMD E-350 APU - Ubuntu 12.04 Server + LXDE - XBMC/Plex
    * Shuttle - Ubuntu 12.04 Server - Core i7 - KVM VM Server

    A number of VMs are running too - 20-40 doing all sorts of things, project management, email, TV recording, remote desktops, CRM, document management, email-front-end, primary desktop, blog and web servers.

    Of course there are other x86 and non-x86 machines here. Most are parts, I reuse cases, PSUs, and pretty much everything else possible. I should power up the Sun IPX just for grins.

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    Cool Re: What kind of computer do you use?- Super Thread

    After almost 7 years with my old computer, I decided it was time to upgrade. I've never been an off-the-shelf kind of guy, so I chose all the major components for my new machine and assembled it with help from a friend. Everything arrived late last week. I was like a little kid waiting for the FedEx truck! So, since the beginning of this week, I've been so happy to be using a computer that's actually got some decent processing power!

    Here's what I've got:

    - Dell 1908FP monitors (three of them)
    - Asus Sabertooth 990FX motherboard
    - AMD FX 8320 processor
    - EVGA GeForce GTX650 video card
    - Kingston RAM DDR-1600 16gb

    Total, I spent around $650 or so on these parts. Plus, I spent another $50 on a new case because the motherboard wouldn't fit into my old one. The 3 matching monitors gives me total screen size of 3840x1024, which is plenty of real estate for my needs. I'm not a gamer, but I am a stock broker, so the third monitor is great to always have charts and tickers and whatnot running.

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