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Thread: What kind of computer do you use?- Super Thread

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    Re: Post your Processor and other Specs

    OS: Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex
    DirectX API
    Intel Pentium III processor technology with Streaming SIMD Extensions.
    Custom 3-D NVIDIA graphics processor
    64 MB of RAM (unified memory architecture)
    Custom 3-D audio processor
    8GB hard drive
    4X DVD drive with movie playback
    Four game controller ports
    Expansion port
    Proprietary A/V connector
    100 MBps Ethernet

    Lenovo X60: School laptop
    * Processor: Intel Core Duo L2400 1.66GHz (1.2V)
    * OS: Ubuntu 9.04 Alpha 2 Jaunty
    * Hard Drive: Toshiba 80GB 5400RPM SATA (Sku: MK8032GSX)
    * RAM: 1GB DDR2 SDRAM (667MHz)
    * Screen Size: 12.1"
    * Screen Resolution: XGA 1024 x 768
    * Graphics: Intel Media Accelerator 950
    * Wireless cards: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG
    * Battery: 8-cell extended life battery
    * Dimensions: 10.5" x 8.3" x .83 - 1.11"
    * Weight: about 3.5lbs with 8-cell battery
    * Integrated Communications: Modem, Gigabit Ethernet, Verizon EVDO WWWAN, Bluetooth, IrDA

    Lenovo 3000 C200: Home Laptop
    # Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 (1.66GHz, 2MBL2, 667MHzFSB)
    # Operating system: Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex
    # Display type: 15.0 inch XGA TFT (1024x768)
    # System graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
    # Total memory: 1GB PC2-5300DDR2 SDRAM
    # Hard drive: 120GB, 5400rpm Serial ATA
    # Optical device: 8X Max DVD Recordable (Dual Layer) PATA Fixed
    # Wireless cards: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG
    # Weight: 6.13lbs
    # Battery: 6 Cell Lithium-Ion Battery

    Hope thats not to vague
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    Re: Post your Processor and other Specs

    Compaq Presario with Pentium-D Dual core processor 3Gb
    3Gb RAM, Nvidia 7600GT 256mb,
    160Gb hdd with vista on(for games),
    80Gb Ubuntu 8.10, 300Gb external hdd(for music and that),
    logitech 2.1 speakers and an orion 37" Hdtv connected via dvi

    and a closeup of my heatsink because it's the biggest i've ever seen:

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    Re: Post your Processor and other Specs

    Inspiron 530s q6600 2.4 GHz Quad core with Vista 64 (for my zune) and Ubuntu 8.10 64

    6 gb ram
    600 gb hd(100 gb ntfs)
    GeForce 8600 gt pny verto 512 mb ram
    8 speaker 8.1 dolby digital surround
    24" 16:10 lcd hd monitor
    XBox 360 usb controller (Mass Effect)
    Dell usb Mouse and Keyboard

    This is my 2 mb/s torrent downloading, video converting, game playin, news readin, web surfin while coffee drinkin and cigerette smokin, porn watchin powerhouse
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    Re: Post your Processor and other Specs

    my specs

    os = ubuntu 8.10 64bit
    moniter = 19nch acer @ 1440/900
    proc = amd athlon 64bit x2 5200
    ram = 5gb
    video = 8600gt
    hd = 250gb samsung
    tower = antec p182

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    Re: Post your Processor and other Specs

    Dell Dimension 4600

    Planning to do some upgrades to it in the near future.


    Microprocessor type
    Intel® Pentium® 4 that runs at 2.26, 2.4, 2.533, 2.66, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz internally and 533 MHz externally, or 2.4, 2.6, 2.8, 3.0, 3.2, or 3.4 GHz internally and 800 MHz externally

    Level 1 (L1) cache
    8 KB first-level

    Level 2 (L2) cache
    512-KB or 1-MB pipelined-burst, eight-way set associative, write-back SRAM

    System Information

    System chip set Intel 865PE or 865G

    DMA channels

    Interrupt levels 24 APIC mode

    System BIOS chip
    4 Mb (512 KB)

    System clock
    533- or 800-MHz data rate

    Expansion Bus

    Bus types PCI

    Bus speed
    PCI: 33 MHz

    PCI connectors

    PCI connector size 120 pins

    PCI connector data width (maximum) 32 bits

    AGP AGP 1X, 4X, 8X


    Architecture Dual Channel DDR SDRAM

    Memory connectors

    Memory capacities 4GB

    Memory type PC2700 (333-MHz) or PC3200 (400-MHz) DDR SDRAM


    Externally accessible
    two 5.25-inch bays
    one 3.5-inch bay

    Internally accessible
    Two bays for 1-inch–high IDE hard drives

    Ports and Connectors

    Externally accessible:

    Serial 9-pin connector; 16550C-compatible

    25-hole connector (bidirectional)

    Video 15-hole connector

    Keyboard 6-pin mini-DIN connector

    Mouse 6-pin mini-DIN connector

    USB two front-panel and six back-panel USB 2.0–compliant connectors

    Network RJ-45 connector

    Audio Five back miniature connectors for line-in, line-out, microphone, surround and center/Low-Frequency Effects (LFE) channel

    Headphone one front miniature connector for line-out

    Internally accessible:

    Primary IDE channel 40-pin connector on PCI local bus

    Secondary IDE channel 40-pin connector on PCI local bus

    Floppy drive 34-pin connector

    Serial ATA two 7-pin connectors


    Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics controller

    AGP video card AGP 8X


    Audio controller ADI 1980


    Network controller Integrated Intel PRO 10/100 Ethernet

    Controls and Lights

    Power control push button

    Front-panel power light green light — Blinking green indicates sleep state; solid green indicates power-on state.
    amber light — Blinking amber indicates a problem with an installed device; solid amber indicates an internal power problem

    Hard-drive access light green

    Diagnostic code lights
    four bicolor (amber and green) located on back panel


    DC power supply:

    Wattage 250 W

    Heat dissipation 853 BTU (fully-loaded computer without monitor)

    Voltage 100 to 120 V at 60 Hz; 200 to 240 V at 50 Hz

    Backup battery 3-V CR2032 coin cell


    Height x Width x Depth 36.8 x 18.4 x 42.6 cm
    (14.5 x 7.25 x 16.75 inches)

    Weight 10.4 kg (23 lb)



    Operating 10º to 35ºC (50º to 95ºF)

    NOTE: At 35°C (95°F), the maximum operating altitude is 914 m (3000 ft).

    Storage –40º to 65ºC (–40º to 149ºF)

    Relative humidity 20% to 80% (noncondensing)

    Maximum vibration:

    Operating 0.25 G at 3 to 200 Hz

    Storage 2.20 Grms at 10 to 500 Hz

    Maximum shock:

    Nonoperating (half-sine pulse) 105 G, 2 ms

    Nonoperating (faired-square wave) 32 G with a velocity change of 596.9 cm/sec (235 inches/sec)


    Operating –15.2 to 3048 m (–50 to 10,000 ft)

    NOTE: At 35°C (95°F), the maximum operating altitude is 914 m (3000 ft).

    Storage –15.2 to 10,670 m (–50 to 35,000 ft)
    One dvd-rom drive and a 80GB harddrive.
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    Re: Post your Processor and other Specs

    Specs are in my signature.

    Given the choice, I would prefer an AMD chip (they are big supporters of Cycling!), but Intel just performs better now.
    Desktop: AMD Athlon64 X2 3600+, Nvidia 8600GT, 3GB RAM, 80GB hd, Windows 7 Beta
    Lappy: Sony Vaio FW-140E, Intel P8400 2.26Ghz, 3GB Ram, 250GB HD, Intel x4500MHD, Windows 7 Beta & Kubuntu 8.10 w/ KDE 4.2

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    Re: Post your Processor and other Specs

    Processor :- AMD Turion RM70 64 bit
    Memory:- 4 GB (2x2) RAM DDR2 667 MHz
    Hard Drive:- 320GB
    Graphics Card :- ATI HD3200
    video card:- HDMI, VGA
    Screen :- 15.4 WXGA
    Sound card :- HD Audio
    Optical drive:- DVD +-RW DL
    PC-card-express-Mini No / Yes / Yes
    Wlan-Network-Bluetoo 11g/10-1000/No
    USB-Firewire-Modem 4/No/No
    web cam:- Built in- crystal clear
    Operating system:- Vista ultimate 64 bit, ubuntu 8.10
    Weight:- 2,9 kg ( too Heavy)
    Attached Images Attached Images
    where there is a will there is a way.Acer 5530,AMD64 bit,4GB,HDD-320GB,Graphics-ATI HD3200,Screen-15.4,DVD +-RW DL,webcam:Built-in,OS:Windows 7, Ubuntu 11.10 Weight:-2,9 kg(too Heavy )LOOSUPAYA twitterFollow me

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    Re: Post your Processor and other Specs

    Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ 2.41GHz
    Memory: 2GB DDR2 800 MHz
    Graphics: GeForce 6150 SE (Integrated)
    Sound: Realtek HD Audio
    HD: 1TB SATA
    OS: Ubuntu 64 Jaunty Jackalope Testing
    Windows 7 64
    Windows Vista Ultimate 64
    Windows XP 64

    I have no need for 32-bit anymore.

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    Re: Post your Processor and other Specs

    See Sig
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Gateway MT6460 Laptop

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    Re: What kind of computer do you use?- Super Thread

    Desktop: Self built
    DFI Infinity NF4X, AMD Turion ML-30 (OC to 2.5 GHz)
    2 GB RAM, 8800 GT (3d not working at all in this configuration with linux, tried Debian 4.0, SUSE 10.1, and Fedora 9, on top of 4 Ubuntu distros (7.04 thru 8.10), also tried replacing the 8800 GT with 8600 GTS!)
    2 19" CRTs, onboard sound, USB Wi-Fi, 250+320 GB drives
    Ubuntu 8.04-x86/Ubuntu 8.10-AMD64/Win2K Pro

    Laptop: Aspire ONE, HDD version
    Atom N270, 1 GB RAM, Intel 965 chipset/graphics
    Ubuntu 8.10-x86 (solo)
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    Please type "man bash" in the Terminal and read the output for more details.
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