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Thread: New Zen in Hardy

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    New Zen in Hardy

    Hey all

    New to U8.04 and just wondering... I have one of the new Creative Zens and trying to get it recognized properly on my distro. I installed Amarok but whenever i connect it does not see the player at all. I even tried sudo apt-get install mtpfs and that didn't help either.
    I'm not really a novice computer user but always had a Windows machine..not used to open source so kinda stuck as to where i go from here. Any suggestions?

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    Re: New Zen in Hardy

    i use the gnomad 2 program, from the add/remove menu, it works for me although the interface isnt pretty.

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    Re: New Zen in Hardy

    Same problem as siff. My zen doesn't automount when I connect it to a usb port, even though the device is visible within fstab. I can't find for the life of me how to enable automount on Hardy, and even if I go down the manual road I have no idea what to put in fstab to mount the Zen...

    Gnomad2 works as soon as I connect it but it's not the nicest GUI app and I want to get my Zen working with Amarok.

    Can anyone help?




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