Hello All
I was having issues running the ATI restricted driver, mainly shutting down.
Seemed to boot ok and driver worked ok on desktop but when shutting down it would just hang at a black screen for a long time. So I figuerd I woud try the newest driver from ATI, downloaded them and followed the instructions from a link in ATI's driver download site for Ubuntu 8.04, link
Did the manual install and everything went ok, seems to run good Dvd playback looks good but I still have the shutdown problem, Any ideas on that ?
One other problem is I configured my WinTV-HVR 1800 tv tuner card "not easy"
but its working put the channels.conf in the .mplayer file and when I enter in konsole mplayer dvb:// I get a -vo error no socket then it just plays the sound from channel. I played with mplayer and it wont play anything evidently its just not compatible with this particular video card. Ive installed a couple tv programs but no luck yet. I can run a channel from comand line and get the output stream in text but cant actually watch it.
Just not as enjoyable watching numbers! Any help appreciated

Kubuntu 8.04
PCIe WinTV-HVR 1800
INTEL DG33TL board