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Thread: video cutting software?

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    Question video cutting software?

    I am looking for software that is able to cut videos.
    For example, I only want to keep a scene of a video and I would like to remove the front and end scenes.
    Is there any software to do these things? I don't want to have to re-encode the video too because it may take alot of time.

    Please suggest.

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    Re: video cutting software?

    I've been researching video editors a bit lately. I haven't played around with them much though. Here's a article i found that reviews kino and cinelerra:

    You could also have a look at LiVES:

    Dunno if they're overkill for your needs or not. Dunno if you can get away with not re-encoding them either, especially if you chop off the front end of a clip.


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