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Thread: Problems installing KOTOR with wine

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    Problems installing KOTOR with wine

    Hello. I'm fairly new here and somewhat new to the whole Linux/Ubuntu thing so I hope this doesn't sound stupid. If any additional info is required I'll get it.

    Basically I'm trying to install Knights of the old Republic with wine. Wine HQ lists this program as one that typically works with wine with relative ease. Ive tried now running wine and wine-doors. With wine-doors when I was prompted to change the CD I couldn't. It told me I couldn't unmount the drive and wouldn't let me unmount it in any way I knew of.
    So I tried just using wine, I get further now all the way to CD4. It tells me to put it in and I do. Nautalis pops up showing me the contents of that cdrom so I know its seeing it, but it tells me that the path is not correct. Inside the installer its looking for D:\ but when I goto browse to make sure its the correct directory it is indeed looking to /media/cdrom0 (i believe) so it should be there.

    Do I need to run winecfg and add the setup.exe for that from the first cd (or even all? maybe just cd4?) to the settings? It just seems odd that it would fail on cd4 but be ok with the rest.
    Also worth noting the cds are in good condition and work in windows.

    (edit Im using wine 0.9.59)
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    Re: Problems installing KOTOR with wine

    When I last installed KOTOR, I was using Cedega - it ran okay, not great. I did a search on the forums, looks like if you use the 2.7 version of Playonlinux, you should have a good shot at getting a successful install if standard Wine isn't working for you. Nice thing is, PoL is free...
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    Re: Problems installing KOTOR with wine

    Thanks I'll give that a try. I ended up trying out RC1 since apparently on the AppsDB they list this problem I'm having with 0.9.59. I'll try POL I had looked at that before but wasn't sure if it was free or not. thanks!


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