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Thread: Usplash disappears?

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    Usplash disappears?

    When I turn on my computer, usplash shows the progress bar, like normal. However, when I reboot, I see a bunch of text, then the splash screen flashes for ~2 seconds, then reboots. Help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Usplash disappears?

    What does the text say? Does it say something like this:

    NetworkManager: <WARN> nm_signal_handler(): Caught signal 15, shutting down normally.
    NetworkManager: <INFO> Caught termination signal
    NetworkManager: <DEBUG> [1209404787.824467] nm_print_open_socks(): Open Sockets List:
    NetworkManager: <DEBUG> [1209404787.824467] nm_print_open_socks(): Open Sockets List Done.
    NetworkManager: <WARN> nm_hal_deinit(): libhal shutdown failed - Connection is closed
    NetworkManager: <WARN> nm_dbus_init(): nm_dbus_init() could not get the system bus. Make sure the message bus daemon is running!
    If it is have a look here
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