Keyboard: Logitech G15 (wired) USB
Mouse: Logitech MX700 wireless optical mouse with the receiver connected through PS2 or USB. I have tried both with no success.

I have recently installed Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy to a hard drive solely dedicated to Linux. Just the filesystem and swap space. An install of Windows Vista lives on another drive.

The keyboard has stopped responding three or four times. The mouse, however, stops responding every time I use the system for more than 5 minutes. Without fail, it quits on me and I can no longer move the cursor or click on anything. From what I can tell, the system itself does not lock up or experience problems. I still see myself receiving IMs and such after the mouse/keyboard have ceased to respond.

I would try to recreate the conditions that cause the problem, but it appears to be totally at random. I've lost the mouse doing a wide variety of tasks such as using Synaptic, Firefox, Evolution, menus in Gnome, etc. When it also fails, the keyboard usually goes a minute or two after the mouse.

The only things I have done to the system since base install are the download and installation of the update packages the system found upon connection to the internet.

Any ideas or stories of similar experiences? I was really looking forward to seeing if I could make the switch! I assumed Logitech hardware would be widespread enough to work without issue.