Hi, I have an odd problem with my wireless connection, and I'm not sure if it's environmental (IE the hardware or the distance between here and the hub) or caused by the linux driver.

My connection sort of wobbles. It occasionally sits at 200kb/s for a little while, which is what I expect of the card and our broadband connection, but then hops down to 170, 120, 60, then 30, then into BYTES PER SECOND (which is the first time I remember seeing 14days download time) then blanks completely, flops about at the lower four, then might if I'm lucky hop back up.

It also occasionally spends around a minute 'Loading...' a website, then gives me the 'This Page Cannot Be Found' screen, but if I click Refresh it loads almost instantly.

I looked it up and my card is supported. I've only installed the two restricted drivers that the Hardware Drivers screen suggested.

I don't think it is the environment because I used to use a much lower ranged laptop wireless card (Buffalo, took me a week until I got it to even be detected!) in here and it had none of these problems.

Any suggestions?