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Thread: System tray icons presentation, suggestions for pgm, please.

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    System tray icons presentation, suggestions for pgm, please.

    For the first time I have a computer with a dedicated graphics card (HP 6751.eo Laptop, nVidia 8600, Hardy). The cube, wobbly windows, two gdesklets (among them my favorite, "GoodWeather") and one screenlet work, thanks to help from this forum.

    I can only see small problems in system behavior: Sometimes Metacity starts, cometimes CompizFusion. Sometimes desklets, sometimes screenlet require manual start, the gdesklet icon in system tray cannot be used for starting the program, but the program can be started from the menu ... These I can live with. (And maybe learn how to fix.) But I don't want to push the system too far

    If there is some "task-manager" screenlet/desklet/program I would be very happy to use it. (Could also be used for kickstarting other programs, maybe.) I am not an expert in desktop-modifications and I prefer if it is stable and simple to use. (I don't fear the terminal, if the instructions for installations are clear.)

    Is there some simple program that would f.ex. present the icons in system tray in some appealing way? I think I have seen examples where the program present these icons in an area of the screen you decide yourself, and when you hover the pointer over them they jump up in "3D".

    Any suggestions for such programs, even slightly "off-topic", much appreciated, thanks.
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