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Thread: How do I connect my TV propetly?

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    How do I connect my TV propetly?

    I've just installed Kubuntu Hardy and it works quite well, I've installed everything I want, except one thing. I want to connect a TV to my PC, I have Nvidia Geforce MX 5500 card and Panasonic Quintrix TV. I've connected my PC with TV using cable that I can't really recall brand of.

    Anyway, before I installed proprietary drivers of nvidia card I could see some random colors on my TV, when I installed the drivers the screen is just blank, so I guess I have to somehow configure everything to see stuff on TV. But, well... Where and how would I go about that?

    I tried going into System Settings -> Monitor & Display, clicked administrator Mode, it went in, I could change all the stuff, but reset/apply buttons were greyed out, so I couldn't save any changes.

    Edit: Okay, never mind. I installed nvidia-settings and it had all I wanted.
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