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Thread: PSPVC Can't open/install

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    PSPVC Can't open/install

    Hello I've been trying to install pspvc but whenever i sudo the install command it replies
    jarrell@jarrell-desktop:~/Desktop/pspvc-0.3$ sudo ./
    sudo: ./ command not found

    when I sh install it replies
    jarrell@jarrell-desktop:~/Desktop/pspvc-0.3$ sudo sh install.shsh: Can't open

    Can I get some assistance?

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    Re: PSPVC Can't open/install

    right click the file and give it permission to run as a program
    also follow this:

    note that you might need to get each of the packages because those look like older versions, use synaptic package manager to install them

    x264 ,ffmpeg etc etc...

    Hopefully it'll work for you,

    Anybody outthere I'm looking for a deb package, please,?????
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