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Thread: full resolution on a satellite M20-S257

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    full resolution on a satellite M20-S257

    I recently received a toshiba M20-S257 as a gift and got Hardy installed without trouble. However, I have a couple issues. The main one is that the screen resolution is stuck at 800x600 or less. The graphics hardware is intel 828 55GM, but I don't know what the sync or refresh are on the monitor so I can't set those manually in xorg.conf. Are there any special drivers or anything that I can use to get this thing running at full power?

    Another issue I have is that the pointing stick is broken so it occasionally moves wildly. is there any sort of way I can turn the pointer off in xorg so I can just use my trackball?

    Thanks for the help!

    EDIT: I fixed the pointer stick problem by disassembling the laptop and unplugging the stick. Solved the issue.
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