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Thread: Advice on 14.1" or 15.4" screen (for someone with bad eyes!)

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    Advice on 14.1" or 15.4" screen (for someone with bad eyes!)

    I will be buying a new laptop soon. I want to go with one pre-installed with Ubuntu (Dell or System 76). I'm a Windows convert, but have used Unix a lot at work.

    I have a few concerns about screen size, resolutions, and readability. Hopefully someone can help advise me.

    All my laptops in the past have been 13.3" or 14.1" 1024x768 screens. These work good for me, with my poor eyesight.

    All current laptops now seem to have a denser resolution than I've used in the past. How does this affect readability and eye strain?

    1) Am I correct in assuming that a 1200x800 resolution on both a 14.1" and 15.4" screen will fit the exact same info, it will just be larger on the 15.4"

    2) How configurable are all the font sizes, toolbars, basically everything, in Ubuntu? I'd rather have a 14.1" screen, but will I have to adjust things to make it easy to see?

    My girlfriend has a Dell Inspiron 1420 (14.1" 1200x800) and in Vista I have to change to larger DPI settings to use it without my eyes going crazy. On my older laptop with a 14.1" 1024x768 screen, everything is very large without adjustment. Some of the problems with the Dell 1420 and my eyes are from the glossy screen (which all laptops also seem to have now!).

    Am I likely to have a problem with Ubuntu on a 14.1" screen?


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    Re: Advice on 14.1" or 15.4" screen (for someone with bad eyes!)

    if you want the 14.1 screen i would go ahead and get it. with compiz you can hold down the super key and scroll your mouse to zoom in or out as far as you want to and effortlessly pan wherever.


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