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Thread: how to instal amarok in ubuntu 7.10

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    Unhappy how to instal amarok in ubuntu 7.10

    i am using ubuntu 7.10, and when i try to install amarok, i always fail
    when i type
    $ sudo apt-get install amarok
    then it will display
    E : invalid operation amarok
    i had download amarok to my home directory, but still don't know how to make it work...

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    Re: how to instal amarok in ubuntu 7.10

    double-click on the .deb file or if it's ins ource u'll have to install it..

    u should be able to download it thru the repos...

    in the menu find something called software sources and from there check mark every repository except for source - click close and reload when asked to.

    u can also use the TAB completion for names after install

    u may have to TAB twice.
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    Re: how to instal amarok in ubuntu 7.10

    Open softweare sources in system admin menu - check the multiverse, universe and restricted repos, close and reload.

    Try to install again
    sudo apt-get install amarok

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    Re: how to instal amarok in ubuntu 7.10

    Add Midibuntu then Amarok's in Add/Remove.


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