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Thread: Lost grub and cant mount the HDD

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    Lost grub and cant mount the HDD

    hi , I need help solving this problem i have .
    i lost my grub menu experimenting with ubuntu , i tried to reinstal it ,but i can't mount my HDD or any of it's partitions .
    I am a new user to ubuntu,
    please help , thanks

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    Re: Lost grub and cant mount the HDD

    Hi there. Let's see what your partitions are. Can you boot from live CD/USB and run:
    sudo sfdisk -luS
    and post the output here in code tags (highlight text and click # above)
    ASRock P67 Extreme6, Intel i5 2500K, 8GB RAM, nVidia 6600GT, 4x1TB RAID1+0


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