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Thread: Foomatic/CUPS config problem - can't delete printer!

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    Foomatic/CUPS config problem - can't delete printer!

    Hi all,

    I have a Debian installation and I can't remove a particular printer queue! I've tried using foomatic-gui, there are two printers defined and I can't delete either of them or change which printer is the default in applications. I can change the default printer in foomatic-gui, but it doesn't make any difference in Firefox, Firefox still brings up the wrong printer as the default.

    When I click on a printer in foomatic-gui and click the delete printer button, a message appears at the bottom of foomatic-gui that tells me 'printer deleted'... yet the printer is still listed in foomatic-gui! See the attached capture.

    These queues used to be in the CUPS configuration as well, while trying to change the default queue in CUPS I removed them from the CUPS configuration and now I can't even delete the queues from the command line with foomatic-configure:
    # foomatic-configure -R -n Aficio_2018D
    lpadmin: Forbidden
    Unable to delete queue: Aficio_2018D

    I tried purging all foomatic and CUPS packages and reinstalling them and this foomatic configuration for the Aficio printer won't go away!

    How do I purge any and all CPUS/foomatic/lpadmin printing configuration information so I can start again with my printer setup so I can set up the correct printer as the default?

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