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Thread: Undervolting with PHC on Dual/Quad Core CPU's

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    Undervolting with PHC on Dual/Quad Core CPU's

    For all of you dual/quad/(*) guys out there with lappies/desktops and undervolting in progress or thoughts.

    I have used the Notebook hardware control utility within windows previously (yes, I have once been on the dark side aka. Microsoft) and it worked very well with undervolting for me. Lowered temperatures extensively and eliminated the risk of any 3rd degree burns on my thighs from ever having a chance.

    Anyways, I installed gutsy same day it was released and decided I was gonna learn linux and stick with it for good. Went fine (removed machosoft permanently two days later), installed PHC and used it until a kernel update messed it up. Didn't bother much about sorting it due to a potential reinstall later anyways, but, what I remember is that the temperature always where higher than I got in windows on full load whilst max undervolted.

    So, I sat and recompiled with PHC undervolt patches tonight and stumbled upon a quite simple "may be" reason. Because we're able to use our cores at independent speeds we gotta be able to run them on independent core voltages too, right? I mean, applications sometimes just run on one core and max it out, so, it would be unreasonable for the voltage to go up to max on both while only one core needs it? So, what is the issue then? The undervolting script only manipulates ONE of the cores voltages (cpu0) as specified in the undervolt script as far as I have been able to make out of it.

    I gotta head to bed, but, just wondering if anyone else has thought about it and maybe sorted it permanently in their scripts? or maybe made it independent of how many cores you got? I'll modify my script to account for multi-core system tomorrow and see if it gives a difference or not on my machine.

    Anyways. Shed your thoughts over this. I haven't looked at the phc-forum yet (I suspect I should have before I even thought about this). Sorry in that case.

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    / Lazy Dae is headin' to bed.

    PS. Another quick reminder to myself. As posted all over the phc forums, it specifically says core 2 duo's (and others) aren't (fully) supported etc, yadda, yadda, yadda. I guess it could be due to the fact that multi-core functions haven't been integrated into the scripts to account for more than one core?

    *please don't say you have more cores, I would turn sooo jeallus!!
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