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Thread: Synergy key repeat problem

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    Synergy key repeat problem

    I use my Ubuntu machine as a synergy server and windows XP as the client so I control both from the Ubuntu keyboard and mouse. I recently upgraded to Hardy and found that while synergy works fine for the most part, when I use my windows box to connect to the console of HP blades or VMware guests I can barely type a character in those consoles without it repeating a dozen or more times.

    Both of these console connections utilize an ActiveX plugin so I think it might be related to that. However, it worked fine prior to my upgrade of Ubuntu.

    Has anyone else seen, and hopefully fixed, this?

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    Re: Synergy key repeat problem


    I also use Ubuntu (8.04 amd64 desktop) as the server and Windows XP as the client.

    I experienced all the symptoms you described in terms of key repeats, although I was using cygwin rather than blade consoles.

    I stopped and restarted synergy on both the client and server. Finally, in an act of desperation, I rebooted my ubuntu host and the problem resolved itself.

    Sorry, I don't know why this resolved the problem when simple synergy restarts did not!

    BTW, I have synergy configured to start automatically on both hosts; the client has a Windows service and the ubuntu server has:

    In /etc/gdm/PreSession/Default :
    SYNERGYS=`which synergys`
    if [ x$SYNERGYS != x ] ; then
            $SYNERGYS --config /home/username/.quicksynergy/synergy.conf
    In /etc/gdm/Init/Default :

    /usr/bin/synergys --config /home/username/.quicksynergy/synergy.conf
    This might not be an optimal configuration but it works. I obtained these steps from

    Hope this helps.


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