148.5MB of data copied to harddrive in around 2 minutes,
that is not a good time, normally about 15 sec. Maybe the disk is damaged or your drive or related hardware is struggling.
downgrading libdvdcss2 from 1.2.9-2medibuntu4
that is the correct medibuntu version for hardy 32 bit
[00000353] main private warning: dts != current_pts (18104
[00000353] main private warning: backward_pts != current_pts (-40000)
[00000351] main audio output warning: PTS is out of range (158240), dropping buffer
here's a short description
The DTS (Decoding Time Stamp) and PTS (Presentation Time Stamp) timestamps are when
the decoder is supposed to decode and display the frame relative to the SCR (System Clock
Reference) timestamp. The SCR can be thought of as the time the decoder is supposed to read
the data from the disk.
Every packet of data in the mpeg file has an SCR timestamp and this timestamp is the value
the system clock should be at when the packet is read. Usually, a decoder will start the system
clock when it starts reading an mpeg stream (the initial value of the system clock is the SCR
from the first packet of data, usually zero but it does not have to start at zero).
The DTS timestamp tells the decoder to decode the frame when the SCR time reaches the
DTS time, likewise for the PTS timestamp. Usually, the DTS/PTS timestamps indicate a time
later than the SCR of the packet the video/audio appear in. For example, if the SCR of a
packet of video data is 100ms (meaning it is read from the disk 100ms after the start of
playback), the DTS/PTS values would be something like 200/280ms, meaning when the SCR
reaches 200ms this video data is supposed to be decoded and then 80ms later it is to be
displayed (the video data is held in a buffer until decoding time)
all in all it seems to be pointing to a hardware issue
you could try using a player that lets you set a high cache, or a fresh install of vlc, dvdnav, dvdread, the Os, ect. It may be more useful if you could try a different dvd drive, maybe borrow one. No sense buying if issue is elsewhere