I've read just about every little thread I can find on the internet regarding Firefox, Ubuntu 8.04 and Flash. I got it running, and then after installing an update in system updates it suddenly stopped working. The sound, that is. I need to figure out how to get the sound running.

My sound card is fully functional, I have everything else working with the sound apart from flash/firefox. I've played around with alsamixer and put little things in "firefoxrc" or whatever that file is, you name it I've been desperate enough to try it.

Now to all of you who installed the "miracle cure" libflashsupport. Hooray for you, really.

It's not really as great and as wonderful as everyone says it is.

I have pretty much everything in place for flash to work. Name ANYTHING that you think should be installed to run flash properly and I will most probably say it's installed. I've tried almost everything, and almost every "fix" falls short.

What do you think? Anyone want to make me look like an noob by pointing something extremely easy-but-overlooked out? By all means do it, I need any suggestion right now. I'm trying to get the damn thing fixed so please, help?