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Thread: Desktop Panels messing up

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    Desktop Panels messing up

    My desktop panels (both the top and bottom) are acting strangely lately. I recently attempted to change my resolution from 1680x1050 to 640x400 so the video output could be handled by a projector, but it failed. So when I switched back to 1680x1050, my icons on my desktop panel seemed to be everywhere. My trash can is in the middle of the panel and in turn shortens my bottom panel's usable space (the bars showing internet browsers, nautilus, etc), to more than half, and therefore squeezing them to abnormally small sizes.

    The top panel has my terminal sometimes in the middle, and other times (after reboots), on the far right edge. My date and time is often in the middle of the tool bar, and my wireless signal bar is in the middle too.

    I would just like to know how to revert everything back to normal. If there is any clarification needed, then please do say so. Thank you all in advance.

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    Re: Desktop Panels messing up

    Try right clicking on the icon and seeing if 'lock' is checked. You can unlock icons, move them around to where you want, and then lock them in position. Just right click on the icon, select 'move', and put it where you want and then 'lock' it.

    It's possible your trash icon got put in the center and then was locked. When I try moving my top panel icons around, I can't move them left or right past an icon that is locked.
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