Hi everybody!

I will be very pleased if somebody can help me with this stuff....

3 years ago, I started using Opera Web Browser, and I feel uncomfortable using other browser.

In Ubuntu, I have found the impossibility of install Flash in Opera. Flash is working perfectly in Firefox by the way.

I have been looking for more information, I have tried with some tutorials:


(they are all the same). It wasn't working for me because of some broken link in there, some file missing, some dependency broken, maybe I should try again with some help.

I have tried with the editing of an Opera file (i dont remember which one) and adding the lines redirecting with my flash lib and it wasn't work.

I have tried what Opera's FAQ suggests, and nothing

The plugin is instalated there, I see it:
luis@ubuntu:~$ locate libflashplayer.so
but nothing, I am completely frustrated with this...

What can I do?

Thank you beforehand!