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Thread: [SOLVED] Is temperature on my thinkpad t61 normal ?

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    [SOLVED] Is temperature on my thinkpad t61 normal ?


    I have thinkpad t61 with nvidia graphics. I upgraded to Hardy lately and i think temperature of my laptop increased. I enabled my temperature sensors to check it. The results are: CPU 54°C, HDD 38°C, GPU 57°C. Are these results normal? If not, what should I do about it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Is temperature on my thinkpad t61 normal ?

    my Thinkpad X61s gets about the same numbers. CPU and GPU can climb up to 55°C.

    It is not really a problem for the laptop. But it is killing the Li-ion battery which doesn't like high temperature. So, if you don't need it, you'd better take it away.


    -> there are lot of posts about high temperatures on Thinkpad. Do a SEARCH on this forum.
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    Re: Is temperature on my thinkpad t61 normal ?

    my T61 is very similar. I wouldnt worry about it.
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    Re: [SOLVED] Is temperature on my thinkpad t61 normal ?

    hi there. I've got a thinkpad t61 too and I'm worried about the temperatures. I am not using anything special, just the default powernowd daemon. The problem is that if I do a task like..don't know, watching a video on youtube, powernowd pushes the cpu to 2 ghz (the max rate) and the whole laptop becomes very hot. My temperature applet tells me that it arrives even at 90 degrees o_O

    now you say that you have lower temperatures than mine.. could you tell me what kind of settings do you have?.. is everything left at default or have you made some kind of custom configuration?

    when the frequency is low my temperature value is about 50/60 degrees (if 50 or 60 depends on the surface where I put the laptop)

    the fan is at about 3300 RPM, the hard disk at 44 degrees.. the GPU is at 70 degrees.. a _lot_ more than the values you have..

    I'm worried about it..

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    Re: [SOLVED] Is temperature on my thinkpad t61 normal ?

    How do you know temperature of each component? I am asking this because I can see temperature of various sensors, but can not figure out which is what?

    See my other post on the forum -


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