I have trouble installing ubuntu 8.04 CD (32-bit Desktop version of Hardy Heron) on my AMD Athlon 64-bit PC. When I put the CD in the drive and restart the PC:

1. If I choose 'check CD for defects': it says there were errors found in two files. (This happened with ubuntu downloaded and from the live CD sent by Canonical, so I don't suspect the CDs. Besides, the same check when executed on my 32-bit Intel Centrino Toshiba laptop, says the CD is just fine.)
2. I make it run linux from the live CD: It takes ages to start and then keeps giving errors , scrolling across the screen so fast that I cannot read them. No keys will stop the errors from scrolling. This happens with both the downloaded ubuntu 8.04 and also the live CD sent by Canonical. The same operation (running from live-CD) works perfectly on my 32-bit Intel centrino Toshiba laptop.
3. I try to **install** on the 64-bit PC and it behaves the same way as when I tried to run linux from the live-CD.

Is there a known problem with using or installing 32-bit Ubuntu Hardy heron on 64-bit AMD Athlon? (Because the CDs work fine on the 32-bit PC)

I'd appreciate any help possible.