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Thread: ATI x1650 AGP + 32-bit Hardy + fglrx = lockup

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    ATI x1650 AGP + 32-bit Hardy + fglrx = lockup

    I've been trying to get any ATI fglrx driver working on my Hardy installation. Whenever I start X after installing the driver, the screen goes black and it locks up. I managed to get a dmesg by starting X and redirecting dmesg to a file then "sync"ing. I can post them both if people would like to see them, but there aren't any errors that I can see.

    After reading through as many posts as I can, I don't see that I am doing anything wrong. Since it's locking up before I can get any useful information, it's difficult to troubleshoot.

    Alternatively, is there a way to get a driver running that will allow me to watch TV on this (TVTime requires a "hardware passthrough" window, which the radeon driver doesn't seem to support on this card yet).

    This is on an AMD 754 motherboard with and AGP slot.


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    Re: ATI x1650 AGP + 32-bit Hardy + fglrx = lockup

    Here's a link to a thread I started ~ looks like there are some commonalities. Hope it helps.


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