first thing is the fonts. they look all fat and ugly. i try changing them in appearance, but this only fix some app. app like opera, terminal, k3b, skype, all looks ugly and fat. then i install kcontrol and change the font there and it seems to fix the fat font problem. but the font in skype is still small and unreadable until i install qt4-qtconfig to fix that problem. why hardy dont have gt4-qtconfig preinstalled?

second thing is it takes another extra 30 sec to 1 min to start hardy then gutsy. and hardy has been freeze on me more than twice. and then the sound randomly crashes and i need to restart computer to get the sound back

third thing is recently i notice that i cant play sound in more than one app. if i play mp3 in vlc, then i can not play sound in mplayer. when i am watching youtube then i cant play my music or no sound in skype. i spent 2 two days to figure this out it is the pulseaudio problem. "kill pulseaudio" fix the problem. but i sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio anyway it is piece of crap. but then it takes longer to load ubuntu (dont know why?) and the startup sound is gone. but i can live with that as long as i can play mp3 and play games at the same time.

and one more thing doom3 no longer working in hardy. i got black screen

In conclusion, hardy is worse than Win ME. piece of crap should have stick with gutsy