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Thread: [SOLVED] LightScribe and Linux.

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    Question [SOLVED] LightScribe and Linux.

    Dies anyone have any experience using LightScribe under Linux? I went to their web site, and found they do have a Linux version of their software, so I downloaded and installed it. Despite what seemed to be a clean install, it appears to have just disappeared into the ozone. Does it act like a plug-in, and attach itself to available disk writing programs, or did it just vanish?
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    Re: LightScribe and Linux.

    I heard of LighScribe for Linux as a plugin for k3B but that was a long time ago.

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    Re: LightScribe and Linux.

    im running lightscribe and its working really well. i just followed the instructions here

    if ur using 32 bit ubuntu just ignore the "--force-architecture" bit in the instructions

    to add the lightscribe app to your applications menu just do as follows:
    -rightclick on the applications menu (where it says applications/places/system)
    -choose 'edit menus'
    -choose the accessories menu on the left (or whatever menu u want it to appear in)
    -in the right pane choose new item
    -enter the folllowing
    name:LaCie lightscribe (or what u want)
    command:gksudo 4L-gui
    comment: (leave blank)
    optionally choose an icon by pressing the icon button on the left

    optionally launch it from a terminal: sudo 4L-gui


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