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Thread: Good Install But Sluggish

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    Re: Good Install But Sluggish

    You may have replace "gedit" with "mousepad" as I believe mousepad is the default for xubuntu.

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    Re: Good Install But Sluggish

    Okay, I did the whole force/profile thing successfully. I had to install that edit program, but I did that too. I've also deleted Firefox 3 and installed Firefox 2. It's all working a little better now. Thanks for all of your help! I think it's running at about XP speed. I'll definitely use this. Thanks again.

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    Re: Good Install But Sluggish

    I would recommend a custom Ubuntu install using the "alternate" Ubuntu installation disc or the Ubuntu Minial CD Image. Using those installation methods you can choose to perform a command-line only installation and then build up from there. You will end up with a snappier OS with only what you want installed. It might sound daunting if you're a beginner, but you will definately learn about your machine and about Ubuntu. It's not as hard as it may seem and I do this for all of my Ubuntu installations. Here's a quick example for installing Openbox instead of XFCE:

    1. Install the command-line system using the alternate or mini.iso. Once you load the disc, highlight the first option (Install Ubuntu), hit F4, and then choose the command-line option.

    2. Install your packages:
    sudo aptitude update
    sudo aptitude install xserver-xorg openbox openbox-themes synaptic obconf obmenu medit pidgin claws-mail pcmanfm
    3. Start Openbox:
    This will give you a very basic, lightweight, and responsive base from which you can build up from and completely customize. If you're interested in Openbox then this is an excellent resource: Urukrama's Openbox Guide for Ubuntu. That guide will help you setup a panel, themes, etc.
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