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Thread: suggestion for a quiet, compact computer?

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    suggestion for a quiet, compact computer?

    I'd like to replace my very old tower with something much smaller and quieter. My needs are simple - no gaming, no fancy 3D, limited audio (I'm a musician, but use a mac for that). I don't need completely silent - it'll be sitting next to my MacPro anyway - but the quieter the better. I use ubuntu to experiment, write code, sometimes run a weather station, simple file serving, sometimes slimServer, etc. I'd be happiest starting from a pre-built barebones (a shuttle? one of those little point-of-sale PCs?) but can certainly assemble something if necessary. 1G ethernet would be nice, wi-fi not necessary. I could either put a hard drive inside, or use a usb-firewire-eSata. I've been thinking AMD, but am open to Intel.

    In other words, small and quiet are both much more important than state-of-the-art. I'm not eager to spend lots of money but, again, that's not the primary criterion.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
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