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Thread: Video CD from jpg images

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    Video CD from jpg images

    I want to make a VCD of my jpg images. Is this possible with any of the CD burning softwares? I have k3b installed. I used to do a lot of this with Nero in windows.

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    Re: Video CD from jpg images

    The only thing that ever worked for me (using still images), is Kdenlive, available in Synaptic. You create a project, create Slideshow and navigate to a folder full of images. You can then set a time for how long each image should play. Then you export the timeline to a movie format you want. I suggest mpeg. FLV is also available. Then you use DeVeDe to make the bin/cue, then you burn the CD with cdrdoa.

    There is no user interaction, it's just a movie. You could pause your DVD player with the remote or the control panel of your player.

    Now, to get Ubuntu to play a VCD is something else...
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