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Thread: webcam in both ubuntu and kbuntu 8.04 32 bit

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    webcam in both ubuntu and kbuntu 8.04 32 bit

    Before I buy a new webcam. Can those of you that have webcams up and running without a lot of hassle please let me know the make and model (under £30 please)
    I will be running either. Ubuntu 8.04 desktop (Gnome) 32 bit OR
    Ubuntu 8.04 desktop (KDE) 32 bit.
    Sadly my present camera (an older version of logitech 5000pro) is not a happy bunny with Hardy
    Thanks guys as ever for you help
    PS please don't direct me to the wiki site.
    I really want to know those that ARE working now.=D>

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    Re: webcam in both ubuntu and kbuntu 8.04 32 bit

    Surprised to hear this cam is not working "out-of-the-box" for you. I have one of the ancient logitech cams called: Logitech quick cam express." It has always worked perfectly. Could it be that the application you are trying to use has some unmet dependencies? For example, try to use kopete for video IM without Jasper installed.

    There is some info here about getting your model working on the previous kernel, it is still a valid approach, and may help you, if you wish to try to get the cam you have working:

    Make sure first you have all the tools for the job;

    sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r` linux-restricted-modules-`uname -r` build-essential subversion

    Once you have got all them you will need to use subversion to get the driver from the svn repo..

    svn checkout

    Then you need to compile and install

    cd linux-uvc/linux-uvc/trunk
    sudo make install

    Plug the camera in and take a look at dmesg. It may [hopefully] give you the device listing for it... eg /dev/video1

    Point your application at that device and see if it works.


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