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Thread: Partly?- connected to internet ?

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    Cool Partly?- connected to internet ?

    I'm a newbie, with Gutsy Gibbon preinstalled on a new Dell laptop.
    My wireless card works fine, and after a lot of fiddling I got Firefox to talk to the internet (changed the IPv6 setting '/etc/modprobe.d/aliases - alias net-pf to off).
    I can access other computers on my local network, move files from them to my laptop.
    I can connect to my ftp site through the file browser.
    What I can't seem to do is access to the internet with package manager or bittorrent or email or pidgin.
    If I follow the link through Firefox, to a failed package file (error message from package manager) then the file IS there to be downloaded.
    I haven't a clue what's happening here. Is there some other configuration setting which "enables" internet access differently to Firefox.
    I hope all that makes sense

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    Re: Partly?- connected to internet ?

    the alias method of disabling ipv6 is extremely dated (breezy badger i think). you should use this howto:

    that should fix things for you.

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    Re: Partly?- connected to internet ?

    Thanks, Things seem to be working fine now.


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