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Thread: All torrents stalled in Transmission.

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    All torrents stalled in Transmission.

    I just installed Hardy on my computer and now when I try and use Transmission all my torrents are always stalled. I usually keep router port 6969 (hehe) open for torrenting on xp. So I set that port to use and it says open but it still doesn't work. I switch back to xp and it torrents fine. Does anyone know what I have to do to make this work? Thanks in advance.

    edit: For some odd reason it magically fixed itself after I left it on for like half an hour. I'll post back if it gives me any more problems.
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    Re: All torrents stalled in Transmission.

    Same for me..
    All my torrents for a private tracker are all stalled. Or they say Data fully avalible.
    Can someone help?
    I use ubuntu 8.10 also..

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    Re: All torrents stalled in Transmission.

    I would recommend using deluge instead. I'm having none of the problems mentioned using it.
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