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Thread: USB audio device problems with swapping

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    USB audio device problems with swapping

    I have real difficulties to set up my system so that I can hot-swap my USB audio card (Griffin iMic).

    Though my device manager immediately recognises when I plug the iMic in, I couldn't get any sound on it. The USB card shows up in the alsa mixer, but no sound.

    I followed this thread: and managed to get the iMic working as default device - but now I can't switch back to the internal soundcard. When I unplug the USB soundcard, I get playback errors.
    The strange thing that happened when I rebooted without the iMic plugged in, the welcome sound splash played half the way on my internal speakers (!!!) and then stopped. From that moment on I can only get sound through the iMic.

    I tried the
    sudo asoundconf list
    and then choose my default card with
    sudo asoundconf set-default-card
    , but no success.

    I looked at, but am simply not sure what to do with that information.

    Please can someone help me to create a setup that allows me to switch between internal and external soundcard.
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