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Thread: apt-get NOT getting in 8.04 on PPC xserve

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    Question apt-get NOT getting in 8.04 on PPC xserve

    I posted earlier requesting advice re: setting up 7.04 server w/ LVM on a PPC G5 Xserve. With only one response, I thought I should try to download 8.04 server iso and do a fresh install (no data at this point to be concerned about).

    I did a guided LVM install which seemed to complete. I've configured it as DNS, LAMP, OpenSSH servers.

    However, the first step I wanted to do post install was to get/install the 'joe' editor. I did 'apt-get install joe', but only rec'vd the following error:

    Reading package lists....Done
    Building Dependency Tree
    Reading stat information....Done
    E: Couldn't find package joe
    Which is odd, in that the previous 7.04 install didn't have a problem finding 'joe'

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    Smile Re: apt-get NOT getting in 8.04 on PPC xserve

    Nevermind! I'm a bonehead! I configured everything EXCEPT the network (my phat fingers must've selected don't configure).

    When I looked at /etc/apt/sources.list, the ports were correct, but it had commented out the security ports because it couldn't resolve. I tried the get aptitude update and it also couldn't resolve the ports...

    Problem was self-inflicted.

    Hardy 8.04 w/ LVM as DNS, LAMP, MAIL and OPENSSH successfuly installed on G5 PPC Xserve. Editor 'Joe' installed.

    Now to go format Drive 2 and prep for client sites.

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    Re: apt-get NOT getting in 8.04 on PPC xserve

    Glad to hear that is resolved. I'm interested to see how well that xserve holds up for you in a server environment with Hardy.
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